The New Website is UP –

As most of you probably already know, a week ago I set up a temporary website at  This was temporary because there’s lots of limitations on what you can do with a blog/website hosted on

But we needed to do a few things before setting up the permanent website, and those have now been done.

The new site is, of course,

All the posts and pages have been moved over from the old site, although I still have a bit of tweaking to do on the posts in the new ones.  But everything is essentially there now.

The site will email you when something new is added.  The “from” email address is “”

My vision is that the website will become a primary way in which we share relevant news and information with members of the unit.  Plus, it will be a repository of information such as the unit manual, the operations plan, frequency lists, rosters, and any other information that needs to be available on a permanent basis and in one location.

There’s still LOTS of work to do in populating the site, and this will happen over time.  If you have any ideas or suggestions as to site content, please let me know.

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