Swaptoberfest – an all hands on deck event

As you all know, Swaptoberfest is the funding source for our unit.  The money we make at this event pays for everything from the yellow vests and hats to the accessories needed for the trailer to our annual corporation registration.  It’s our only funding source.

Because of it’s importance to our unit (as well as Polk and Yamhill ARES units) , and the duties for which we are responsible, this is an “all hands on deck” event.  Everyone needs to help.    As Paula Terp, EC for Yamhill county said at our last meeting “The only excused absence is if you are in the hospital.”

We will need 5 people on duty at any one time.  So that no one has to spend their the entire event working, I’d like to have people on shift for not more than 2 hours.  That means we’ll need at least 15 people helping.

This year, we’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Raffle Ticket sales outside the doors from 7:00 to 9:00 – two people
  • Raffle Ticket Sales inside all day  - three people at a time
  • Hosting in the Coop trailer  from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm – at least 2 people at a time.

As a bonus, those who are working get into the event free.  Plus you can be there early if you’re working as well.

I need everyone to respond to the “poll” to let me know your availability, and if you have a preference as to time.

We also need to set up the trailer Friday afternoon after 3:00, and take it down on Saturday after 2:00.  The trailer is going to be a prime recruiting tool for us, and for ARES in general, so this is an important part of what we’ll be doing at the event.

Remember everyone should wear their yellow vest/hat and or jacket.   We want visibility and identity.

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