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Coming up on November 2, is the most significant, realistic SET that has ever been done in the State of Oregon.


1.  For the very first time, OEM staff will be involved in this exercise.  We will be generating quite a bit of outgoing traffic in addition to getting all the incoming. Doug Jiminez, our Exercise Officer, is putting together a whole exercise for us.

The scenario conditions are quite likely – what I call Cascadia Light – all the outages without the dead bodies floating in the surf, and the collapsed bridges and building.  But in that situation we would indeed be without power and without internet, so we’re exercising a portion of what Cascadia will bring us.

2.  A number of the county Emergency Managers are participating, and they’ll be generating real traffic coming to OEM, to which we will be responding as we would in a real situation.

3.  We will likely be generating traffic on behalf of some of the state agencies who would be represented in the ECC should this really occur.  For example PUC, Department of Energy, Department of Health, Department of Agriculture, and maybe others

2.  This is a 4-state exercise.  Right now, there are 9 counties in Idaho, at least 2 in Washington, 3 in California and a substantial percentage of the Oregon counties pariticpating.

4.  The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, and the Washington Emergency Management Division will be participating.  We’ll be generating traffic to and receiving traffic from these states.  Some of you may have the opportunity to use the FNARS equipment, which will be a part of our plan.

5.  The State Defense Force is activating our MARS station, and will be sending traffic.

This will be a true test of the capabilities of the OEM ARES unit.

As you know we are at the center of the hub.  If we fail to do our job well, it impacts the entire state.  That’s why this SET is so very important, and we need everyone to participate.

We will likely have the ECC FULL, and using the radios in the pickup and the trailer as well.

We will likely have off-site HF stations taking traffic and feeding it to us via VHF simplex, or maybe even peer to peer packet.

Lisa has created a signup at  So far only two people are signed up, and we’ll need signficantly more than that.  We anticipate 5-6 people needed per shift to operate, and to manage the flow of traffic.

Please make sure you go to the above link and sign up ASAP.  We really need to know our resource availablilty.



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  1. Fred, the doodle poll closed. So far we have 7 members for all day. Lisa